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Eat & Drink

Our Wine Tavern experiences introduce you to the fleeting influences that shape Hiyu.

Deeply seasonal dishes featuring ingredients grown or foraged at Hiyu dialogue with our current releases, inspiring conversation, conviviality, and connection.

Hiyu Wine Farm

We serve Lunch and Dinner every week from Thursday to Sunday. Each month’s meals are guided by a theme as we explore the fleeting flavors that emerge from the field and garden. This months meals are inspired by the magical, hidden worlds contained within Venetian Bacari. Please visit our Tock page for more details about the month’s inspiration.



Thursday through Sunday with seatings from 12:00pm to 2:00pm for $150 per person: This five-course lunch celebrates the bounty of the garden and is served with a seasonally attuned tasting of our wines, evoking the magical escapes offered by midday repasts of the European countryside.


Thursday through Sunday night at 6:00pm for $250 per person: Feasts are seven-course meals that are paired with our wines. Each dish and its pairing is detailed and intricate. These dinners are seated at either four small private tables looking up into the vineyard or at the chef’s counter. This is the most intimate and subtly unfolding way to experience a meal on the farm.

Dinner and Supper bookings must be made five days in advance.

Farm Walk, Salon and Wine Tasting

This is an immersive two hour experience of the farm. 


It begins with a walk through the gardens and vineyard. This is the same walk we make every week to attune ourselves to the moment on the farm. The insights from repeating this path each week under changing conditions informs the creation of the week’s menu, the vintage’s wines, farming choices and all the aesthetic ephemera that emerges from our space. 


We’ll return to the tavern for a discussion of the elements we observed during the walk. We’ll use this as a way to explore our approach to farming, winemaking and cuisine; grounded in the subtle workings of a specific moment in time and connected to broader themes in art, ecology, cuisine and philosophy. 


As we discuss we will simultaneously engage in a tasting of wines from the farm with an emphasis on older bottlings that have been transformed by time.  The wine will weave in and out of the conversation; informing the talk and allowing insights about the wine to come unexpectedly from themes that arise from the farm talk.    


The five wines served during this tasting will include older bottles that have been transformed by time and will be different selections than those served at Lunch or Dinner. We’ve timed the tasting so that you can add this either after a late lunch or before dinner to create a longer and more immersive experience of the farm that includes a taste of over 10 different Hiyu Wines.


Tasting bookings must be made 48 hours in advance.

The Big Party

This meal and tasting experience is built around the needs of larger groups. There is a longer time reserved at the beginning of the meal to drink our white and rosé wines in the glowing light and sunset while we pass around an array of small snacks. The meal itself has more family-style elements to bring the group together and provide a relaxed ambience where you can share love, thoughts, and ideas.

Please email visit@hiyuwinefarm.com to book a Big Party. These bookings must be made five days in advance.


Hiyu Wine Tavern
Hiyu Wine Farm, Oregon

What We're Harvesting

Hiyu Wine Farm

Cuore di Bue Tomatoes
Oxheart Carrots
Petite Marseilles Sweet Peppers
Bartlett Pears
Marvel of Venice Pole Beans
Austrian Crescent Potatoes

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wine Tavern is currently open Thursday through Sunday. Lunches have seatings from Noon to 1:45pm; the tasting and farm walk is at 3:30pm; and Dinner or Supper experiences commence at 6:00pm. Reservations are required for all experiences.

Reservations through Tock are required for all experiences. Please send us an email to visit@hiyuwinefarm.com for any last minute requests.

Visit Tock to make a booking. While bookings can be made up to 30 days in advance, Lunch and Tasting bookings must be made 48 hours in advance, and Dinner, Supper, and Big Party bookings must be made a minimum of five days in advance.

Absolutely, we welcome all ages to Wine Tavern and offer a discounted rate on experiences for those too young to drink alcohol.

It is our deep belief that our wines are best enjoyed alongside food. However, we now offer a tour of the farm, salon and wine tasting that does not include food. It is possible to enjoy this experience after lunch or before dinner for a more immersive experience of the farm. 

Near the pond, ducks fracture the air with their quacks and skids, while others silently roost on the shore. Near the pond, ducks fracture the air with their quacks and skids, while others silently roost on the shore.

Tales & Mediations

Stories about life at Hiyu, ideas that inspire us, and deliberations that result from our experiments and observations.

Hiyu Wine Farm, Oregon
Hiyu Wine Farm, Oregon

The Understory is a subscription-based community that supports our endeavors at Hiyu. It provides you with monthly wine releases, discounts, and priority admission to Wine Tavern experiences — as well as access to our cellar and other ephemeral, artistic expressions of life on the farm.  

Hiyu Wine Farm, Oregon
Hiyu Wine Farm, Oregon
Hiyu Wine Farm, Oregon