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On Preparation 500

Hiyu Wine Farm The Understory

On Preparation 500

In the late spring, as the sun’s light begins to shine through the forest, we gather on the dam wall beside the pond to stir biodynamic preparation 500. This moment connects the astral and the terrestrial, manure, microbe, water, stars and soil.

It also nurtures human closeness and spiritual connection. We stir the water for an hour, alternating directions and creating harmonies and moments of chaos in the liquid. This repetitive, alternating activity evokes an instantaneously convivial, meditative and deeply relaxing state. Laughter comes as easily in this moment as deep thoughts. Cares melt as the liquid becomes more fluid and vortices form with ease.

Afterwards, just as the day’s last light touches the garden, vineyards, and field, we spread the preparation on the land. The application on the gardens is made by hand, using dried cardoon stalks that toss the water with their fuzzy seedheads, creating beautiful arches above the plants in the twilight air.